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It's time. Your only goal in life is to create the most refreshing drink in history. To do this you must navigate the kitchen and jump into the glass cup on the table.

Outside the freezer you will slowly melt, so collect little ice cubes to make yourself stronger. But watch out; there's a lot of hot things in the kitchen that'll make you melt faster. Good luck!


W - Move Forward
A - Move Left
S - Move Backward
D- Move Right

Mouse1 - Rotate Left (or Q)
Mouse 2 - Rotate Right (or E)

Space - Jump


Created by Archie Andrews & Troy Atkinson

A Game by helloWorld Studios

Inspired by I am Bread by Bossa Studios


I_Am_Ice_x86_32.zip 20 MB
I_Am_Ice_x64.zip 21 MB